Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flour for Sand [Toddler Play]

Saturdays should be fun. Today, however, with Daddy gone for a work leadership conference and all 3 of us  girls down with colds (once again), we needed our own made backyard fun in the house. Haha! 

I'm a mom who believes in sensory play and I don't care if my kids get dirty doing it. Hey, they are 100% washable, right? :) 

Our playtime today seems like it could be a big mess, but really, clean up took all but maybe 5 minutes and their attention span lasted for about an hour on this alone.

Flour For Sand:

Flour mounds on cookie sheets.
We used a variety of kitchen utensils.

You can even get creative with:
  • Shovels and sand sifters
  • Blocks
  • Toy trucks
  • Adding Baby Oil to make it into Moon Sand

And the introductions begins!

Making hand prints and flour dust everywhere!

We also used our taste senses! :) Yucky!

And even with all this fun and mess.....

It was easy clean up!
I just dusted the trays off into the trash before rinsing off and into the dishwasher
and used our Dyson to vacuum up the floor! 
Easy made fun!!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!! :)


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